Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dominic by William Steig

You may have read my first post about Dominic - written when I was about half way through this joyous book.

There is just so much action in Dominic I do not think I can do it justice by trying to retell the plot. I will say though, all the way through I keep thinking of the little homily "one good turn deserves another" as a fitting way to sum up the adventures of this special dog.

Instead I am making a list of some of the absolutely delicious words in this book.  The vocabulary in this story is wonderfully rich and vibrant.  I cannot resist words like :

aromatic forests
pious messages
silent tableau

Finally here is a description of the wedding feast "cranberries with walnut sauce, grass a la francaise, cheese souffle with acorns, ... bones marinated in Burgundy, oat fritters, pate of sunflower seeds, stuffed watermelon,daisy salad, clover jelly and orange doodle. ... mushroom beer, ale made from nuts and alfalfa, honeysuckle juice, sweet and sour water, bark brandy."  This reminds me of the treats served in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

I highly recommend Dominic - it would especially be a wonderful book to read aloud to your own children.

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Read Aloud Dad said...

We loved Dominic too! It is exciting, unpredictable and so satisfying!

And the Doomsday Gang is such a thrilling addition!

Read Aloud Dad