Monday, February 4, 2013

Penelope Popper book doctor by Toni Buzzeo illustrations by Jana Christy

Penelope Popper book doctor is essential reading for all new school library users.  Penelope wants to be a doctor when she grows up but when she keeps trying to practice on everyone she meets her teacher wisely suggests visit to the school library.

The wonderful Teacher-Librarian Ms Brisco introduces Penelope to the idea of a book doctor.  There are plenty of books in the library in need of tender care and attention.  Torn pages, dog-eared corners, dirty covers and pages that have been squished as the book is crammed on to a shelf.  Penelope learns all the special skills needed to heal the books and the reader will hear the important library messages about book care.

There are a set of teaching notes available for this book.  I especially like the song that is included with these lesson ideas.  I was not surprised to read that the author was once a Teacher-Librarian herself.

This is not a serious book or perhaps even a memorable one but it is great fun and I am looking forward to sharing it with the children in my library over the coming weeks.

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