Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lavender by Karen Hesse

There are three reasons why I selected this book to purchase for my library on a recent visit to a wonderful Sydney bookshop called Gleebooks.  Firstly I know Karen Hesse is an outstanding writer so I knew I would be in the safe hands of a master storyteller.  Secondly this book only has 38 pages and I am always on the look out for short books that contain terrific stories so that readers who lack reading stamina can be rewarded quickly for their efforts.  Thirdly this book has a gentle cover which shows a young girl making a quilt.  She is clearly taking her time to produce something very precious.

Everything I thought about this book before reading came true.  Lavender is an emotional and uplifting story about love in one family and the joy of a new arrival.  Codie loves her aunt Alix and she is so excited that after many disappointments a new baby will soon be born.  Codie has decided to make a special gift for the baby a patchwork blanket.

"I have a secret.  I am making my cousin a blanket all by myself.  It's a surprise."

If you enjoy Lavender you might also read The Hundred Dresses and The Chalk Box kid.

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