Sunday, March 3, 2013

My name is Elizabeth by Annika Dunklee illustrated by Matthew Forsythe

This is such an obvious idea but I am almost certain this is the first picture book I have seen with this message.  My Name is Elizabeth is the title and the theme of this book.  Elizabeth simply wants to be called Elizabeth - not Lizzie, or Beth or Liz or even Betsy.  Elizabeth loves her name.  She is proud to be named after the queen and so using body language and facial expressions she works hard to convince everyone that her name is ELIZABETH.  In fact her name is Elizabeth Alfreda Roxanne Bluebell Jones "but you may call me Elizabeth."

The timing of this book is perfect for me as I ask our new Kindergarten children their names each week in the library.  Many are quite confused by all the names they have and will tell me the whole name, others can only whisper a tiny abbreviated name which I have to translate onto our formal barcode list.  Names for young children can be confusing.

This is a simply and perhaps slight book but it is nevertheless quite delightful. Here is a review.

As an extra coincidence I really wanted Elizabeth to be my middle name when I was a child.

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