Sunday, March 3, 2013

A place to call home by Alexis Deacon illustrated by Viviane Schwarz

This book is all about your point of view.  Depending on your location, your size and your experience you will see the world in a certain way.

If you are talking with children about visual literacy this is a perfect book.  The reader peeps through a large hole on the cover looking at seven hamster like creatures who have been living in a small dark hole. All is going well until the day arrives when the hole becomes too small and so the family have to set off to find a new home.

Using speech bubbles we follow their journey across a treacherous landscape which is actually a junk yard complete with large guard dog.  Of course this is not the view seen by our tiny friends.  To them a large puddle seems as wide as the sea, an old set of drawers are a mountain and a patch of sand must be the desert.

The final page where they discover an even bigger world is simply spectacular.  Here is a review.  Here is the web site for the illustrator.  Look for her other books in our school library they are very special.

This book is a joyous romp from front to back.  Go into your library and grab it today.

Fast-paced with wit and heart, this ridiculous rodent road-trip will appeal to future comic-book lovers—and anyone part of a tight band of brothers (or sisters). 

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Playing by the book said...

Delighted to have discovered your blog today - not least because of MOMO, but also because all the books I've seen reviewed here so far are great! Looking forward to reading more.