Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clementine Rose and the pet day disaster by Jacqueline Harvey

This will seem like an odd comment but when I sat down to read Clementine Rose and the pet day disaster, which is in fact the second book in this series, I really thought I am not going to enjoy this book. I expected to be able to predict the plot and on reading the blurb I thought the story would be thin and too sweet for my taste.

I was so wrong.  I found myself smiling and enjoying the company of Clementine Rose.  She is a little like a mixture of Judy Moody, Junie B Jones  and even the original Clementine by Sara Pennypacker.  As for the plot - well it was not predictable.

Having read the second book before the first I do need to go back to the beginning and find out a little more about Clementine's eccentric family and especially read more about her pet pig Lavender who is naturally the star of this second book which involves a school pet show. I also need to read more about how Clementine came to be part of this family and why they live in an old hotel.

If you ignore the fact that Clementine Rose is only five years old - she does have some wonderful insights into the world of school and especially into teachers and school routines.

"Clementines tummy grumbled and she was very glad when Mrs Bottomley announced that it was time for lunch. The teacher had the children stand in two straight lines and marched them across the quadrangle.  Clementine was quite sure now that Mrs Bottomley had a thing about lines."

Even though the main character is quite young this is not a beginning chapter book.  I think Clementine Rose is a series that will appeal to girls from Grade four and up.

Here is the web site for the series. The publisher's video makes this series look quite junior but I think a slightly older reader will have a better understanding of jokes and nuances of character.

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