Monday, March 31, 2014

Clara Button and the magical hat day by Amy de la Haye and Emily Sutton

There are so many reasons why I have been looking forward to reading this book.
  • I love hats and I also love books about hats.
  • I saw this book in the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2012 and I was curious since the setting was the museum itself.
  • My aunt was a milliner and she made my mother some glorious hats.
  • I have a little gift card inspired by this book which I am saving for a special friend.

Clara Button and the magical hat day is a truly special book.  Clara is a quiet thoughtful girl who enjoys crafts. Her brother Ollie is a wild boy who enjoys skateboards and action.  One day Clara is quietly sorting her buttons (something I loved to do as a child with my Grandmother's button jars) when Ollie zooms into the room upsetting her work and worse tearing an old hat made by Granny Elsie many years ago.  Granny Elise was a milliner and mum is just as upset as Clara so she suggest they all make a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Ollie is surprised to discover it is not boring in a museum and Clara finds some special friends who help her with the repairs to her precious hat.  The illustrations in this book are perfect.  I especially like the colour palette. Here is a review if you need to know more.  And here is an audio review.

I also have some exciting news - there is a second book about Clara Button called Clara Buttons Indian Wedding.  It will arrive in our library soon.  There is also an ipad app of this story which sounds quite magical too.

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