Thursday, March 27, 2014

Worried Arthur Countdown to Christmas by Joan Stimson and Jan Lewis

Over this term we enjoy reading books about Penguins with our Year One students. So far we have read some books about Tacky by Helen Lester, My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Mum in a million by Jill Lewis and Worried Arthur The Birthday Party.

Our copy of Worried Arthur The Birthday Party had lost some pages - thank goodness it is still in print.  While I was browsing for our new copy I noticed there were other books in this series so I bought Worried Arthur Countdown to Christmas.  I know it is a little odd to talk about a Christmas book in March but this one is a treasure on so many levels.

Arthur is such a worrier. In The Birthday Party he worries about hosting a pool party because one of his good friends (a penguin!) cannot swim.  He worries about the bouncy iceberg that Dad is going to hire for his party because one of his friends has a sharp beak and the iceberg might spring a leak.  At every turn, Dad saves the day and eventually Dad prepares a splendid surprise party and finally Arthur can put his worries aside and have some fun.  The fish shaped cake looks especially delicious.

Now Christmas is coming.  Arthur comes home from school so worried. They have been learning about maps and Arthur can see there is a huge distance for Santa to travel from the NORTH POLE to the SOUTH POLE. Dad has the answer and Arthur is able to go to bed and fall asleep feeling a little less worried. At the end of the term Arthur is given a good school report except for the standard of his writing.  Here is the new worry.  Will Santa be able to read Arthur's Christmas list?  Once again Dad has the answer. Then there is the worry of the weather and worse Arthur worries he might not deserve any presents.  Dad is quite sure everything will be okay and yes Christmas morning is perfect.

These books about Arthur seem perfect for children who have worries and I also liked the gentle way the author introduces this single parent family.  Arthur and his dad have such a special relationship.

After you read this book go back and look for all the fun details in the illustrations - slippers to fit flippers, the Penguin book on the dining table, little mice having a cup of tea, ice cube Lego, and best of all Arthur's fabulous pyjamas.

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I hope there was room for Cuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough as well.