Saturday, March 8, 2014

The very brave bear by Nick Bland

The plot here is not new but Nick Bland has produced such irresistible characters in his book The Very Brave Bear.

This is a simple story of "one-upmanship".  Who is the bravest?  Is it Bear or Boris Buffalo?  We follow the antics of each animal through the forest told in a rhyme that almost asks to be a song.

 "In the Jingle Jangle Jungle on the edge of Slimy Bog, Bear was picking berries from a very wobbly log. 'Ahoy!' said Boris Buffalo, from underneath the mud, and Bear fell off his wobbly log and landed with a ... THUD!"

Things get wilder and wilder until the pair reach a cave - a scary cave and they hear a ROAAAAAR!

This is the fourth book about Bear.  The series began with The Very Cranky Bear and continued with The Very Itchy Bear and The Very Hungry Bear.  If you enjoy The Very Brave Bear you might also look for books by Julia Donaldson - especially The Gruffalo.

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