Sunday, March 8, 2015

Max by Marc Martin

One satisfying aspect of any book is when you reach the ah ha moment - everything turns out as it should and perhaps even as you predicted.

Max is a happy seagull who lives by the sea.  He has made the perfect friendship with the owner of the local fish and chip shop.  "Max and Bob are very old friends. Max visits Bob every day. He keeps him company and greets the customers as they come in.  If Max behaves himself, Bob gives him a few chips."

Now we need a twist.  Business drops off in the little seaside town when a new Mega Mall is built nearby and so Bob sadly closes his shop. These are pages you will want to linger over and discuss.  The scene shows the Baker and Ice Cream shop are gone too.  Max waits and waits but eventually he flies high into the sky.  This is my favourite illustration (see below).  Max has a good nose.  He flies high above the city until he comes to a shop - yes it is a chip shop and yes it is Bob's shop!

Take a minute to look at the end papers.  You might see a unique form of bait for fishing.  You should also look for Marc Martin's first picture book in our library called A Forest.  Since Max was published in 2014 it might even be short listed for our CBCA awards.  Max is a simple story but the illustrations are so joyful and everyone will relate to Max himself and his love of chips!  If you would like to read some other books about chips check out Kinderbookswitheverything and the celebration of Chip Week.

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