Sunday, March 22, 2015

Please write back by Jennifer E Morris

Please write back has just over 100 words nearly all of them repeated.  I am going to write some of the text here:

Alfie wrote a letter to Grandma
Dear Grandma
I love you.
Please write back.
Alfie addressed the letter
He stamped the letter
And he mailed the letter.
Then he waited for Grandma to write back

Why do I love this little book?  Because it has a terrific warm, funny story and yet it is accessible to the newest reader in your school.  This is a passion of mine.  To find little simple "chapter books" which my youngest students will enjoy.

Here are some reviews and a link to the other book about Alfie which you can also find in our school library along with some teacher notes.  This simple little book is simply terrific.

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