Sunday, March 15, 2015

The right word Roget and his thesaurus by Jen Bryant illustrated by Melissa Sweet

This wonderful book is simply inspirational - from the delicious words, scrumptious illustrations and profound intellect and work ethic of the man himself - Peter Mark Roget (pronounced 'Roh-Zhay').

The right word begins with a quote by JM Barrie taken out of his book Peter Pan:
"The man is not wholly evil - he has a thesaurus in his cabin."

I purchased this title to add to our growing collection of picture book biographies but this book offers so much more.  Our Grade Three students will study a unit entitled 'People and their beliefs'. Peter Mark Roget is a man of strong belief - a belief in the power of words.  From a young boy Peter loved lists.  In time his lists grew into a book.  "I want everyone to be able to use my WORD BOOK, not just doctors, politicians, and lawyers, but cobblers, fishmongers and factory workers."  And so the famous book used by people all over the world. Roget Thesaurus was born.

Here is an interview with the author.  Here are some teaching ideas.  Read more about the incredibly talented Melissa Sweet here.  Kirkus describes this book as marvelous! And I do too,

Here are some of the words you will find inside : whippersnapper, dodecahedron, rivulet, topsy-turvy, glimmer, luminary, iota, perfection, and unctuousness.  The final endpaper alone will give you many happy hours of word reading pleasure with exactly 1000 words selected by Roget.

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Alex said...

Isn't this a wonderful book? I just loved it, especially the illustrations.