Saturday, May 14, 2016

100 Days of School

Many years ago a young teacher at my school celebrated 100 Days with her Kindergarten class. I was enchanted by this idea.  This event is widely celebrated in US schools but does not receive much attention here in Australia. A couple of weeks ago I visited a Kindergarten classroom and saw the teacher using ten frames to count the school days.  I mentioned the idea of a 100 day celebration.

There are so many picture books that you can use to explore this idea.  The actual 100 days will happen in Australia early in Term 3 (August) while in US schools it happens in February. A search of Pinterest will identify even more picture books and activities to use with your class.

Here are a few new books we have bought for our school library :

Fancy Nancy The 100th Day of School by Jane O'Connor illustrated by Ted Enik

I do love little Fancy Nancy.  She loves to have fun and she loves to explore words. As this little beginner book opens it is the 97th day of school.  Her friends seem to have splendid 100 collections but Fancy Nancy wants something unique, fancy and imaginative. Sadly her goldfish Goldy dies but out of this sad situation Fancy Nancy finds a way to celebrate his life and make a special 100 presentation which everyone will appreciate.  One of my favourite parts of this story comes right at the end when the teacher displays her 100 objects - 100 books for the class to read this year!

Henry's 100 days of Kindergarten by Nancy Carlson

In September the teacher shows the class a jar.  Each day she will add one jelly bean until they reach 100 ready for the class celebration in February.  Young Henry does not have a good track record with 'show and tell' - there was that nasty incident with the spider.  The teacher is a little worried about his 100 presentation but Henry surprises everyone when he presents his Great Grandma Millie who is exactly 100 years old.  Adults who read this little book will laugh at the way the illustrator shows all the wrinkles on Millie who is a mouse.  Teachers could use this book to make a calendar which marks the major events of each month at school.

Let's count to 100! by Masayuku Sebe

This is a visually scrumptious book and so Japanese.  Every page does indeed show 100 - mice, cats, moles, ants, fish, birds, sheep, houses and kids.  This book might give you some display ideas.

100th Day worries by Margery Cuyler illustrated by Arthur Howard

Following an established patter Jessica, who is a worrier, is worried about what to bring for the 100th Day which will be held next week!  She considers ice cubes (too melty), marshmallows (too sticky) or toothpicks (too pointy).  The other kids all seem to have terrific ideas.  Jessica has nothing ready on the morning of the 100th day until her family start to dig into junk drawers and boxes.  Her collection is simply perfect but she only has 90 items.  What can she add?

Rocket's 100th Day of school by Tad Hills

We have a few books about this endearing little dog called Rocket.  Knowing the 100th day is coming soon Rocket begins to make a collection which he stores in a squirrel hole.  Stones, sticks, pencils, a book, acorns, leaves and pinecones.  Have you spotted the problem?  When the 100th day arrives Rocket does not have the 100 items he collected - five things are missing.  His solution will make you smile.

One Hundred days (plus one) by Margaret McNamara illustrated by Mike Gordon

Hannah collects buttons for the 100 day project but sadly she is too sick to go to school.  The next day it is one hundred days plus one but she only has 100 buttons.

Emily's first one hundred days of school by Rosemary Wells

This is one of the best books to use for your 100 day celebrations.  This is a long picture book which takes a journey through the whole 100 days.  You could use it to review your year so far or perhaps read one page each day.

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