Sunday, May 15, 2016

Snow day by Richard Curtis illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

This book just had to be a winner.  I didn't even need to read it to know that.  Read my review of The Empty Stocking which is another book by this talented team and you will know why I wanted to add Snow Day to our library picture book collection.

Beginning with the end papers you can see lots of snowflakes.  Then on the title page we see Danny looking out of his window at the snow.  A snow day means a day off school for everybody.

"Well ALMOST everyone - because at 8.30 one little boy turned up for school.  His name was Danny. And he was greeted by his teacher.  His name was Mr Trapper."

This is a terrible situation.  Mr Trapper is the strictest teacher in the school and Danny is the "worst" student.  The morning is dreary and dreadful.  Thank goodness for the break.  Danny attempts to make an enormous snowman but he has some problems with the head.  Then something miraculous happens.  Mr Trapper steps over to help. They work together all through the break building large and small snowmen  "And after that they made a whole army of snowmen."  When school resumes the focus of their lessons together completely change. The day is a joyous celebration of learning and companionship.

Now we reach the half way point of this book.  Mr Trapper and Danny head home.  The next day it is school for everyone as usual.  Danny has a terrible day.  He is even given a detention by Mr Trapper.  "At break time, as had happened a hundred times before, Danny sat at one end of the detention room and Mr Trapper sat at the other."  My heart sank when I read these words.

I cannot tell you any more.  Grab this book today!  Even though we don't have snow days in Australia all children are sure to relate to the emotional twists in this fabulous book.

Some other favourite books about snow are Snow by PD Eastman and Snow Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  This book also reminded me of John Patrick Norman McHennessy the boy who was always late.

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