Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mr Huff by Anna Walker

Cloudy with a chance of rain

Life is all about perception.  How we see the day can affect our mood.  How we react to friends or events can also 'cloud' our feelings.

Mr Huff is another title listed on the CBCA Notables for 2016.

Everyone has bad mood days.  Bill explains this by imagining Mr Huff - a large, grey blob that over shadows his day.  Mr Huff begins as a small, dark cloud when Bill wakes up but through the morning as things go "wrong" Mr Huff grows.

"He couldn't find his favourite socks
He spilt the milk and his cereal was soggy"

After two days Bill of torment realises he needs to take some action.  He tells Mr Huff "I hate you ... I wish you were never here."

One of the deepest parts of this book comes at this point.  Having confronted Mr Huff,  Bill now looks into his face and sees the reflection of his own sadness.  This where the story turns.  Bill can stay sad and keep seeing the world as a gloomy place where his is alone and perhaps 'depressed' or he can take charge and change things for himself.

Bill decides to see the world in a new way. The puddles are fun.  The sun is shining.  The footpath glistens. The neighborhood kids are ready to play.  Make sure you look at the end papers which reflect this change in Bill.

Here is a review you might like to read.  Here is the web page for the talented Anna Walker and my review of her previously short listed book Peggy. You might also enjoy visiting an exhibition about this book in Melbourne.  Here is a review in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The day was cloudy with a chance of sunshine

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