Sunday, February 4, 2018

A great big cuddle - Poems for the very young by Michael Rosen illustrated by Chris Riddell

It feels like there’s something for everyone in this collection, but the takeaway is how well it holds together. A treasure in a treasury.

It is also worth noting that without including any verbal instructions, even the dullest of parental readers will catch on pretty early that many of these poems are interactive. 

Delightful to read aloud again and again (a good thing since I’m afraid you will have to, if only to please your rabid pint-sized audience) and lovely to the eye, Rosen and Riddell aim for the earliest of ages and end up creating a contemporary classic in the process.

School Library Journal

Here is an absolutely perfect, must own, must read, must buy poetry book for children aged 2-6. I loved every single poem by the amazing Michael Rosen. The large format and the funny, colourful illustrations Chris Riddell are perfect for each of the 35 poems.  Here is the Kirkus review and one from Kids Book Review.

Here are a few poems I enoyed :

Inside Out

Inside out
Outside in
You can't lose
I can't win

I've got a sausage
You've got a pie
I can't whistle
And I don't know why.

I've got a letter
You've got a phone
You like sandwiches
I like to moan.


Your voice needs to get softer and softer towards the end.

Mrs Hobson-Jobson Says :

Itty-bitty . Bat . Tittle-tattle . Tat
Shilly-shally . Shout . Dilly-Dally . Out
Willy-nilly . Woo . Silly Billy . Boo!
Roly-poly . Rip . Pitter-patter . Pip
Wibble-wobble . Woe . Namby-pamby . No
Hunky-dory. Hop . Topsy-turvey

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