Monday, March 2, 2020

The Book of Chance by Sue Whiting

Chance Callaghan and her mother Nadia have a happy relationship. Chance sees her mother working hard helping others especially newly arrived refugees.  As a surprise gift to her mother and with the help of a neighbour, Chance organises for a television make over show to visit their home to transform it . This is a beautiful idea but Chance has no idea that this process with turn her whole known world upside down.

Chance has been told her dad died in house fire. Chance has been told she was born straight after the funeral.  But is this true? Why are there papers hidden in the house? Who is Nadia Callaghan and what is she hiding?

This book will be published in April. I highly recommend you add it to your shopping list now. This is a gripping story which will appeal to readers aged 11+. One warning - do not turn to the back of the book - just let the story unfold. The truth is sure to surprise you.

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