Sunday, July 26, 2020

Dewey and the 2020 Book Week slogan

Previously I have shared seven posts with ideas for exploring the Book Week slogan:

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

My wild mind took an imaginary walk around the library and I realised nearly every Dewey section links with this slogan. (Here is a pinterest of Curious Creatures books)

001.944 monsters such as Yeti, Bigfoot, Kraken,  Loch Ness Monster, Bunyips and more. These are all CURIOUS CREATURES!

220.9 OR 222 Noah's Ark

Here are some books which retell the story of Noah.

398.20938 Aesop Fables

398.24 Tales and lore of plants and animals
For example: unicorns, mermaids, dragons, griffin, Pegasus and more

428 Language
Collective Nouns

590 Animals

595 Insects

597 Fish and reptiles

598 Birds (Pinterest of Australian bird stories)

599 Mammals

599.20994 Australian mammals such as Platypus

636 Pets
Unusual pets: Axolotl, hermit crab, silkworm

750 Art

782 Music
Carnival of the Animals

821 Poetry

900 History and Geography
Animals listed below come from Ann Jonas Aardvarks, disembark! Julia MacRae, 1991.
Curious Creatures from wild lands:

Africa - addax; aoudad; bongo; dik-dik; duiker; eland; fennec; gerenuk; guereza; hammerkop, hartebeest; kingspringer; kudu; marabou; oribi; serval; vervey; zoril (Pinterest of Picture books)

Middle East dromedary; lammergeier; markhor
Europe mouflon; wisent;
South and Central America caiman; capybara; coatimundi; guan; jagurundi; paca; pudu; tamandua; tuco-tuco; uakari; unau; vicuna, vizcacha;

North America condor; jabiru; margay; nene; pika; pronghorn; wapiti;
India chital; gaur; gavial; nilgal; wanderoo
Asia babirusa; barasingha, binturong; fancolin; ibex; jerboa; onager; ounce; pangolin; pecccary; peludo; rasse; ratel; siga; sika; tahr; takin; tapir;

New Zealand kiwi; takahe; tuatara;
Australia bandicoot; cassowary; echidna; emu; kookaburra; quokka; wallaroo; wombat


kinderbooks said...

Wow! So much to think about! I could do week on each!

Momo said...

AND thank you Kinderbooks for your terrific Pinterest collections which I linked in this post.