Sunday, July 5, 2020

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds part two, Guessing

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

As I said in my last post, I have been thinking about the 2020 CBCA slogan. Along with an exploration of the CBCA short list I like to delve into the slogan each year.

Curious Creatures - I found some books that use our natural curiosity. I found Who am I? In a book sale today and that made me think about other books in this format.

This book, published in 2019, contains twelve endangered animals. Each is revealed with a small peep hole then your turn the page to check your "guess".  I think this embodies the term curious and of course it contains all sorts of creatures. Some you will easily guess and your youngest readers will be familiar with them too such as the giant panda, polar bear, lowland gorilla and Bengal tiger. Other curious creatures may be less familiar or perhaps new discoveries - making your mind go "wild". Axolotl, Philippine eagle, Indian gharial and the crowned sifaka. At the back of the book there are brief notes about each animal but readers and curious minds might then use this as a jumping off point for further research.

Steve Jenkins is another author who has a number of brilliant books about animals. I will feature other titles in another post but these two would be good to use with Who am I? A Peek though pages book of endangered animals.

Another book I found this week at a charity book sale is Call me Gorgeous! by Giles and Alexandra Milton published in 2009.  If you cannot find the book here is a video. It is a little bit too fast but you could pause each image and have a discussion.

This book takes parts of animals to make a new curious creature. It would be such fun to try this with a class of young children.  Here are some text quotes:

"I've got reindeer antlers
and the ears of a pig.
A porcupine's spine
and a crocodile's teeth."

Your creature will also need feet, a neck, a beak,wings, spots, a tail and some eyes and now "You can call me gorgeous!"

There are lots of guessing game books - you are sure to find some in your library.

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