Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Regular Guy by Sarah Weeks

After reading Mr K’s blog (see sidebar) I decided to make some library purchases based on his recommendations. Regular Guy by Sarah Weeks is the first of many titles I have found this way. This is a terrific story – quick to read, good fun and filled with great characters.

Guy, our hero, is convinced he does not belong to his family. They are so different to Guy. His mum likes to Tye dye is underwear and make decoupage from his football cards. His dad is even worse. He like to perform a trick in restaurants where he sucks an oyster up his nose and …

Guy and his really good friend Buzz hatch an ingenious plan. They discover Bob-o an odd ball boy in their class, was born on the same day, in the same hospital as Guy. Buzz and Guy decide the adults need convincing that there has been a horrible mix up. Guy moves in with Mr and Mrs Smith for a most surprising weekend.

Children in middle Primary grades will really enjoy this short and funny story. You will also enjoy 35 Kilos of Hope by Anna Galvada which has the same feel and voice.