Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heather fell in the water by Doug MacLeod and Craig Smith

I picked this book up at my Public Library today.  I did not stop to read it first I just borrowed it knowing this would be a terrific book because Doug MacLeod is a wonderful writer, Craig Smith is a national treasure in Australia and the anticipation of funny consequences from the front cover illustration also caught my eye.

Heather Fell in the water is a brand new picture book from these two talented book creators.  Every where Heather goes she falls in the water - the farm, the art gallery and a Japanese tea house.  Her parents make her wear water wings at all times. Craig Smith even draws poor Heather sitting up in bed wearing her water wings.  Then one day the parents decide Heather needs to learn how to swim.  She is naturally terrified because she is convinced that water hates her.  She climbs into the toddler end of the pool, takes off the water wings and sits down. She makes a familiar discovery - it feels nice!

Heather goes on to have a terrific time swimming and winning races but wait til you see what happens at the end.

This book is my first prediction for the 2013 CBCA Short list.  I hope I am right.

This book reminded me of Dreadful David by Sally Odgers which coincidentally was also illustrated by Craig Smith over thirty years ago.

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