Monday, December 24, 2012

Thank you Santa by Margaret Wild illustrated by Kerry Argent

Samantha writes to Santa after Christmas and so begins a series of letters over the whole year.  Christmas in Australia can be very hot.  Samantha is worried about the polar bears at the zoo - how hot they look even in Spring.

Samantha is such a lovely giving girl. She has received wool and knitting needles for Christmas so when she hears the littlest reindeer has a runny nose and a bad cough, she sets about knitting a jumper for him.  In Australia we call a sweater a jumper.  In order to understand just how bad things are for the polar bear at the zoo Samantha lies in the hot summer sun wearing three jumpers, a hat, scarf and gloves.

There is one letter in this book for each month of the year and each letter ends with a PS, PPS and PPPS.  Santa shares details of his life at the North Pole and his concern that the littlest reindeer may have to stay home next Christmas.  Meanwhile Samantha asks lots of questions about the weather and animals.  Samantha continues to worry about the littlest reindeer but then she solves the problem herself by knitting him a warm jumper, scarf, cap and bootees.  Mean while Santa has devised a wonderful solution for the polar bear at the zoo.  They also receive a special gift on Christmas day.

The Kerry Argent illustrations in this special Christmas book are just perfect including the twist at the end which shows another year of letter writing is about to begin.  This is a very special Christmas book with a distinctive Australian flavour. Sadly I am sure it is out of print but we do have two copies in our library perhaps it will be in yours.

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