Thursday, December 27, 2012

Melrose and Croc by Emma Chichester Clark

This is the first book in the series about two special friends Melrose - a yellow dog and Croc who is of course a crocodile.

Since writing this it has been re-named Melrose and Croc Together at Christmas but my copy does not have this extra sub title - which I think actually spoils this gentle Christmas story.

Melrose has moved into a new apartment in the city and he begins to put up his Christmas decorations and tree but his heart is sad.  "I wish I had somebody to do this with,' he said to himself. 'I wish someone else could see them."

Meanwhile a small green crocodile has arrived in town eagerly anticipating his visit to Santa the next morning in the big department store.  "Tomorrow,'  thought Croc, "will be wonderful."

Very sadly when Croc arrives at the big store he discovers he is one day too late.  "Croc felt like crying, but he didn't want people to see."  These words always give me a lump in my throat.

Every reader knows these two special souls are destined to meet and more importantly destined to find happiness at Christmas but just how this happens will surprise you.

There are many books in the Melrose and Croc series but this one is my favourite by far.  I also adore the work of Emma Chichester Clark - her Blue Kangaroo series regularly feature on my read-a-loud list.  I recommend you put it on your Christmas list for next year.

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