Monday, December 3, 2012

Shine by Karen and Jonathan Langley

Here is a wonderful heartwarming Christmas book for your youngest child that just shines with love.

Jimmy has an important part in the school nativity play - he will be the star - the one that shines in the night sky.  He practices very hard every day but he worries will his dad be able to come to the show.  His dad is a  night worker. He is an electrician. We see him in the illustrations repairing the clock at the town hall, Climbing up the lighthouse and repairing the lights at the sports ground.  Nana takes care of Jimmy when dad is away.

The night of the play arrives.  "The curtains swished.  The donkey bumped.  The sheep shoved.  The shepherds stumbled.  The angles giggled. The kings sneezed.  Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus snuggled."  Jimmy looks out in the audience. Is dad there?

There is so much you could talk about with this book.  Words, love, commitment, hope, relationships and promises.  You might also like A Christmas star called Hazel by Vivian French, Angel Mae by Shirley Hughes and for older children An Angel just like me by Mary Hoffman.

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