Thursday, January 24, 2013

My superhero by Chris Owen illustrated by Moira Court

My super hero will be one book I read aloud to Kindergarten this year. I enjoy reading books with a repeated refrain so the young children can join in with the story telling and I know everyone will enjoy the flaps!

In this story the narrator attempts to define the superhero.  "Some superheroes have the knack of tying knots in railway tracks or leaping in a single bound the tallest office blocks around."

In all there are nine definitions but our narrator's experience of his own superhero are quite different and these differences are announced throughout the book with the idea that the reader might try to guess the identity of this superhero.


The author and illustrator of My super hero are both newly arrived English migrants which is odd only because this book is a celebration of our Australian Numbat.

Here is an excellent set of teaching notes.

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