Monday, January 28, 2013

The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child captured by Polly Borland

Wallpaper has always fascinated me and wallpaper is an essential ingredient in any book by the talented Lauren Child.

Our library copy of this scrumptious book was lost some time ago.  Last night I sat down to read the new copy and was enchanted all over again.  Along with wallpaper I also adore doll houses so this version of The Princess and the pea is perfect for me.

At the heart of all fairy tales is the re-telling.  There are so many versions of The Princess and the Pea  and many are quite short but Lauren Child elaborates on the famous story using vivid imagery and a rich vocabulary.

"The wind was howling, the trees were creaking and cracking as if they might part company with their roots, and the rain pounded down and the lightning flashed its forked tongue in the blackened sky. And the girl began to tire.  It was not umbrella weather, no an umbrella would have done you no good at all."

Watch a video with Lauren Child where she talks about the art of collage and about her use of wallpaper.

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