Monday, January 28, 2013

Give me four reasons by Lizzie Wilcock

First of all I must say I do not like the cover of this book so below I have included the alternate cover which I prefer. I bought this book home to read because it was added to my school library last year and I suspected it might be more suitable for high school readers.  I can now say it is a book that a senior primary student would enjoy but I do think the cover makes it appear to be for an older audience.  Secondly while I did read this book quite quickly, which is a sign that I enjoyed it, I suspect if you ask me about the plot in a month or two I will have forgotten most of it. I do not mean to imply this book is not worth reading but it is essentially just a candy floss type of book - quick enjoyment not much substance.

Paige is the quiet girl. Paige is the good girl of the family. Paige is almost invisible at school because she is clever and obedient   Paige is lucky to have a special group of three friends.  The friends like to play a game called "Give me four reasons"  Each person in the group shares 'their reason'.  As the story opens it is the last day of Primary school.  The students of Year Six are waiting for the half lunch bell so the fun can begin - a huge water fight. While this is raging we get our first insight into Paige who hides from all the action in the toilets.

The final ritual of the last day in Primary is a ceremony to receive a certificate and to collect the class yearbook or passport as it is called here.  These passports contain the thoughts of all the class members.  Paige hosts a special end of Year 6 party at her house and the four friends open their passports ready to read all the funny things written by their classmates but when Paige looks in her book the pages are blank.  The four friends have a motto "don't change" but the Christmas holidays, family breakups and High School mean Paige is about to go through enormous change. The question is how will these changes affect her friendships, her identity and her values.

Here is the author web site about this book.  If you enjoy this book look for others with a similar theme by Catherine Bateson especially Being Bee and Millie and the Night Heron.

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