Sunday, January 13, 2013

Purplicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann

This is the first book in the Pinkalicious series that  I have read and I will admit I was quite reluctant to open it.  I thought this would simply be a silly book about an inconsequential girly girl who liked pink - how wrong I was.

Pinkalicious does love pink but peer group pressure means she doubts her conviction. Black is now the 'in' colour.  Pinkalicious becomes very sad.  On Monday she still thinks pink is perfect, but by Thursday and Friday her diary entries read "Pink is a lonely colour, Pink has no purpose.  She has a bad case of the blues.  At this point the story reminded me of one of my most favourite books of all time Sloppy Kisses because Pinkalicious decides to denounce pink.  She settles for a vanilla ice cream even though it tastes bland.

The turning point comes on Monday when Pinkalicious sees a new girl in her art class.  The girl has painted a blue cake but the icing does not look quite right.  Pinkalicious supplies some pink paint and the cake is transformed, Pinkalicious is happy and a new friendship begins.  Can you guess where the title Purplicious fits in?

There is obviously a huge amount of marketing surrounding this series but I was surprised to find Purplicious made me smile.  Here is the web site for the series but be warned you will find more than books ... scooters, backpacks, dolls, t-shirts, furniture and even a musical!

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