Friday, October 10, 2008

Bread and roses, too by Katherine Paterson

I do enjoy Historical Fiction for children especially when the setting and experiences relate to Industrialization. For this reason I loved Bread and Roses, too by Katherine Paterson.

Some of my Year 6 girls had read this one and were very surprised to discover I had let it slip by. Of course I purchased this book based on the author, Katherine Paterson. I have always loved her books – not just Bridge to Terabithia, more recently I read Same stuff as stars and remember enjoying Lyddie which is also a Historical novel set in a weaving factory. From Wikipedia I see that Bread and Roses, too is Katherine latest novel published in 2006. The Historical note at the end is so interesting as it explains the context of the 1912 Textile workers strike and the possible origin of the slogan ‘Bread and Roses, too’.

In this book we get a vivid picture of poverty, family life and friendship. The ending is really very satisfying as Jake finds his new family and Rosa returns to hers, full of hope for a better future.

You can read a more detailed review of this book in the New York Times.

The timing for my reading of this book was perfect as I have just finished watching the tv mini series North and South based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell which also involves textile mill workers, poverty, strikes and a very strong and fiesty main female character!

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Nan said...

I recently finished this book and loved it. I've been waiting to do a book report on my blog because I want to include photos from Barre, Vermont which is not too terribly far from me. I've been on quite a mill worker kick lately, beginning with Elizabeth Winthrop's Counting on Grace. I also read Lyddie. Each one was different and fascinating. I have Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix from the library, but not sure if I'll get to it before it must go back. I found your blog through your comment in Elizabeth Winthrop's guest book. I'll be spending more time here.