Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Library Thing

Yipee now you can see some sample covers from my Library Thing collection. I am working on a personal blog at the moment using Global Teacher and I am finding it much harder to navigate than this one here at Blogspot.

Today my Kindy children listened to a very old book The elephant and the bad baby. When I ask why did all the shop people chase the elephant I usually get two very predictable answers - because the elephant didn't pay or because the baby didn't say please. Today a very astute little girl suggested all those people might like a ride on the elephant too! I was delighted.

I always put a toy in my library bag in term one. So far we have had owls (Owl Babies), a hippo (Hippopotamus on the roof eating cake), a dragon (Knock Knock who's there) and today there was an elephant.

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David Creegan said...

Really enjoyed your 'spot' at Parents Evening on Tuesday. My children, and all the others, are very fortunate to have such a passionate book educator (spelt librarian I think) on tap. I was not a big reader at school, and that continues, so I am very pleased that my children have such a great opportunity presented to them. Keep on reading and selling your passion.