Sunday, March 29, 2009

Darius Bell and the Glitter Pool by Odo Hirsch

Odo Hirsch is such an amazing author I have just loved every one of his books starting with Hazel Green and her amazing cakes and so when we received our copy of Darius Bell and the glitter pool I knew it would be a winner.

Once again Hirsch gives us a lovely cast of characters, a strong sense of community, heroes and of course lovely cakes!

Darius Bell comes from a family that is now down on its luck. They must give their city a special gift every twenty five years in order to retain their home and land. Hector Bell has no money and no ideas. Darius discovers a fabulous pool in a cave with sparkling jewels on the roof above it. “The water lit up. It danced, it glinted, it gleamed. There were flashes of light everywhere, as if the expanse in front of him wasn’t water, but a carpet of jewels. … Then he glanced up. Darius’s mouth fell open. He stared at the roof of the cavern, utterly dazzled.”

This could be the answer to the family dilemma but of course that would be far too simple. I don’t want to spoil the clever ending but once again Odo Hirsch gives the reader such a satisfying plot with a happy but not too sentimental ending.

If you are new to Odo Hirsch please look for his books in your library you will not be disappointed. One day I will host a dinner party for all my favourite children’s writers and Odo Hirsch will be top of the list and I will of course serve cake for dessert!

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