Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bella Baxter and the Itchy Disaster

Some months ago I wrote about a terrific junior novel called Daisy Dawson thinking I was picking up a book from the same series I bought home Bella Baxter and the itchy Disaster. This is obviously not from the same series but it is another excellent junior novel with a rewarding story that is easy to read.

Bella lives in a large old seaside house which is run by her parents as a small Bed and Breakfast hotel. Bella wants the guests to ‘feel right at home’ so when she hears Frederick Fauna will come to visit she decides to surprise him by filling his room with plants one of which might even be a rare specimen. Bella is a resourceful girl who understands the local library is a fabulous source of information. The librarian, Trudy, is an eccentric, interesting and helpful woman who shares Bella’s passions and who understands the power of libraries to provide information!

Both embark on a reading of a number of plant reference books, Bella collects heaps of plants and flowers, she finds their scientific names and makes a lovely display all ready for Dr Fauna. Our delight comes as Bella begins to itch! Could one of these plants be causing this itch. What will happen to the hapless professor? Will Bella ruin every thing or can she save the day.

Astute readers will wonder why he is called Dr Fauna and not Dr Flora but this is small technical point and it does not detract from this really delightful 70 page book.

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