Friday, October 9, 2009

Loudest Beagle on the Block by TT Sutherland

Here is a fabulous new series for all dog lovers. This book was such a huge surprise because the cover is so commercial looking and I don’t always have high hopes for books published by Scholastic but Loudest Beagle on the Block by TT Sutherland (Book #2 in the Pet Trouble series) is a terrific story.

Ella loves to sing and play the piano and has become so diligent about her practicing that she really has no friends and no other interests. Her elderly Great Aunt Golda dies and leaves Trumpet the Beagle to Ella. Trumpet is a really cute little dog with one incredibly annoying habit – he howls constantly and very loudly whenever Ella sings. Is Aunt Golda trying to tell Ella something? Is the arrival of Trumpet all part of a plan?

How can Ella solve the dilemma of Trumpet’s howls? She discovers her classmates are a wonderful source of help especially Heidi who is obsessed by dogs but alas does not have one of her own.

This is a perfect little chapter book for students in Years 2-4 especially those who love dogs. I will certainly look out for other titles in this series.

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jennyhogan said...

She looks just like Eddie

(who also loves to sing)