Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Crazy Class Election by Timothy Roland

Our Crazy class Election is a tiny book that packs a powerful punch in three different ways. Firstly it is an ideal quick read for junior students, second it is funny and thirdly it has terrific little comic strips as illustrations. (Sorry my picture is so fuzzy, it was the best I could find. Scholastic the publisher have no front cover on their web site!) Did I mention this is a funny book!

A boy in my school recently alerted me to this Comic Guy series by Timothy Roland. He asked for Book 2 – we don’t have this but I thought if he enjoyed Book 1, I better get reading a find out why.

A check on the internet shows me there are now three titles in this series so we will need to add these to our order list. In Our Crazy Class election we meet Guy – he is the Comic Guy, Tank – the class bully, Ollie the science room pet monkey and Clint the new kid in class who has real talents. It is election time and Tank wants to win at all costs. Guy and the rest of the class know they can’t let this happen but who will stand against him?

The chapter names in this zany little book will give you a flavour of the story – The beginning of the end, And the answer is …, I waited for this, We’re all behind you, Speechless no more, Let the explosion begin, Ready set Campaign, and The final pitch. The chapter where Guy tries to give his speech is so funny and a great example of co-operation between friends.

I would recommend this little chapter book to anyone who wants a quick read, a good laugh and an easy way to understand class elections and even democracy in action. The newspaper for Rockyville Elementary School is called The Barker you might even get some ideas to start a class newspaper of your own.

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