Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mike's Magic seeds by Alexander McCall Smith

Mike’s Magic seeds is an absolutely perfect book for young readers. It has all the right elements of magic, friends and lollies!

Mike is walking past the shops one day on the way to school and he sees a closing down sale on a little shop he has never seen before. Feeling curious and with a few coins in his pocket he goes inside. The shop keeper is a grumpy man who seems to trick Mike into buying, of all things, a pain paper packet of seeds. At home Mike reluctantly looks more closely at this packet and he discovers some very odd instructions about planting certain seeds on certain days.

Since it is a Friday he plants, as instructed, the white seed. This is the first time Mike has ever done any gardening and he feels a little thrill of anticipation wondering what will grow. The actual plant is such a surprise for Mike and for the lucky reader.

The sweets you see on the cover of this book are slightly foreign for our Aussie kids but I just tell my listeners to imagine their personal favourites. Mike grows sweets that sound a little odd to us - marzipan, sugared almonds, chocolate flake and fig rolls.

The lessons along the way about patience and more importantly about true friendship make this book an important reading experience. Right from the start we know Mike should not trust Angela!

Once again this lovely little book is sadly out of print but I would say if you come across a copy grab it with both hands and don’t let go. Yes this is the Alexander McCall Smith who has lots of famous adult fiction too.

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