Wednesday, April 7, 2010

January Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord

If you want to read a book that puts you on the edge of your seat right from the first page. "It was the wild, billowing black cloak, streaming behind the menacing figure, that first caught my eye.” to the last – on the final page (of the first book January) you will be underground in an oil storage tank with oil rapidly filling up around you.
If you are looking for a series to take you through the whole year – yes there will be 12 of these books.
If you have ever wondered what you might do if you only have 365 days to solve a major crime and stay alive in the process then this is the book or series of books for YOU!

In the first book the author carefully reveals the gripping facts. Callum’s dad has been on a mysterious visit to Ireland, he has sent Callum some letters and drawings, someone has tried to warn Callum of the danger he faces, his uncle Rafe seems implicated when their small row boat sinks far out at sea on a wild and stormy night and now Callum is accused of murder so he is on the run from the police and a gang of sinister thugs.

I just loved Conspiracy 365 January and am sure I will be telling you about February very soon. The book design is just perfect with crumpled letters, from Callum’s dad, and drawings interspersed through the diary style entries. The decisions Callum has to make about his family and especially the safety of his little sister reminded me of that terrific series called Surfers we have in our library especially titles like The Last Bus and Runnaway train.

I do hope Gabrielle Lord can keep up this pace through all 12 books. I also hope the plot twists don't slacken. I have begun to make my predictions about the Ormond Singularity and especially about Rafe, twin brother of Callum’s dad.

The web site is totally out of control!!

Don’t blink don’t forget to breathe - this is really good advice.

I thoroughly recommend these books for senior primary boys especially if you enjoyed books by Anthony Horowitz and Robert Muchamore.

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