Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ratbags and Rascals by Robin Klein

Here is a terrific collection of seventeen short stories. Alas as is often the case with books in this blog it is out of print.

This book was first published in 1984. Look for it in your library. Every story is the perfect length for when you have ten spare minutes and need a quick story to read either for yourself or to a class. Today we read How Clara Bepps put Strettle Street properly on the map and Year 5 loved it. Clara thinks her street is so boring but she soon rectifies this by adding stars on the footpath, a swimming pool inside a dissused house and a stage where you can bring something and take something. This is such a lovely idea.

Another very funny story in this collection is Parker Hamilton about a family robot. I like the idea of robots helping in the home and in fact this does happen in Japan. If you want to go futher with robots you should also read Eager and Eager's Nephew by Helen Fox- these are my favourite robot stories.

Have ever been on a camp and had to put up with a night of snoring? The Anti Snore Machine is the story for you.

There are fun little illustrations scattered throughout the book by Alison Lester. My copy has a different cover which is yellow and pink and actually more appealing than the one I found for this blog entry. Look for Ratbags and Rascals soon I am sure it could easily be hiding on those school library shelves.

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