Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch

The Paperbag Princess is a treasured book in my reading repertoire but did you know Robert Munsch has written fifty books?  One that I discovered on my recent trip to Canada was Mud Puddle.  

While I was in Halifax I visited their fabulous children’s bookshop called Woozles. Each week a staff member walks to the nearby gardens for a pr- school story time so I tagged along and listened while Nadine read Mud Puddle.  I love to read books like this to Kindergarten. I might even take along a jar of mud when I read it!

This book made me think of another book I used to read to classes called Dreadful David by Sally Odgers.  In Mud Puddle Julie Ann has lovely outdoor plans for her day, she dresses carefully and steps outside to relax under the apple tree.  Julie Ann does not know that a mud puddle lurks in the tree just waiting to jump on her head!  Julie Ann races back inside where her mum drops her into the bathtub.  When she is clean all over Julie Ann carefully puts on a fresh set of clothes and heads outside to the sandbox.  She does not see the mud puddle lurking on the roof of her house.  And so the pattern continues. 

Mud Puddle is a book about problem solving and perseverance. Julie Ann is not defeated by this pesky mud puddle, she will not give in and stay inside.  Her solution is simple and ingenious. 

I found a readers theatre presentation and a great audio version.  Also if you can find Dreadful David in your library grab it too!

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