Monday, January 28, 2013

The Princess and her Panther by Wendy Orr illustrated by Lauren Stringer

Imaginative play is so important and such fun and that is the concept behind The Princess and her Panther.  The first hint of where these sisters are playing comes from the end papers.  You will see a grassy back yard complete with sandpit, inflatable wadding pool, hose, washing line and a small pull along cart.

If you skip to the final end paper the scene now includes a picnic which is in progress, a blanket over the clothes line to make a tent, cushions and toys and a discarded umbrella.

"One afternoon a princess and her panther crossed the desert sand.  The princess was brave, and the panther tried to be."

It would be fun to share this book the first time without looking at the pictures. Let the child imagine the panther drinking from the waters of a wide blue lake.

This book reminded me of Drac and the Gremlin although it is not quite as successful at creating the idea of reality versus imagination.

Here is a little video extract of the story.

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