Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's a Miroocool! by Christine Harris illustrated by Ann James

The first thing that struck me reading It's a Miroocool is the wonderful way Ann James has captured the scene.  Her depiction of the Australian bush, a farm in drought and the red dirt and spinifex grass around this outback station are perfect. The book almost feels hot and dry.

I adore reading books about the tooth fairy to children in Grade 1.  It is about this time that nearly all children have lost at least one and often many more teeth.  At this age children are so caught up in the magic of the tooth fairy.  That you could lose some thing and perhaps get money is so exciting.

When we talk about the tooth fairy I like to read Little Big Feet by Ingrid Schubert, Oliver Sundew Tooth Fairy by Sam McBratney, April Underhill tooth fairy by Bob Graham and Andrew's loose tooth by Robert Munsch.

I think the most special part of It's a Miroocool is the ending but I won't spoil this. I also like the way the story has two halves.  Preparation for the arrival of the tooth fairy and the events during the night that threaten to destroy these careful arrangements.

My friend at Kinderbookswitheverything recently showed me her favourite Easter book called Muddy Footprints.  Sadly this book is out of print and I do not have a copy in my school library but if you can find this book it would be fun to compare Muddy Footprints with It's a Miroocool.

There are other books about Audrey but I must confess I have not read them.  Now that I have met Audrey I plan to bring them all home.  Here is a little song about Audrey. Here are some teaching notes.

I always make great discovering when I write this blog and I have just discovered Ann James illustrated the wonderful book A pet for Mrs Arbuckle.  This is such an old book but one that I adore sharing with our students.  I have also found a blog for Audrey herself!

It's a Mirocool is another book short listed by the CBCA.  We now need to wait and see if it is a winner in the eyes of the judges.  I am very sure it will be a winner in the eyes of the children!

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