Sunday, March 23, 2014

Claude on the slopes by Alex T Smith

What a joy to read another little book about Claude.  In this installment Claude on the slopes, Claude and his faithful sidekick Sir Bobblysock are enjoying a day at the snow.

Every page in these joyous books makes me smile.  Claude begins his day feeling loud.  The previous day had been spent in a library where he had problems using his indoor voice.  He speaks so loudly the next morning  "that he blew the froth off the top of Sir Bobblysock's frothy coffee from the other side of the kitchen."  Claude goes outside and discovers the snow.

"Claude didn't know what they were doing, but he knew it was something exciting because his bottom had started to wag his tail like crazy and his eyebrows were jiggling about uncontrollably."

Claude is new to this past time but he observes others and decides this looks like fun.  Luckily Claude has his beret. When he needs a tea tray for sledging he simply whips it out and he is ready to go. Sir Bobblysock is not too keen on skiing or sledging so he sits down at the bottom of the mountain.  Everything is going well until Claude accidentally causes an enormous avalanche.

We have all the Claude books in our school library.  I recommend you find one today.  If you need to know more here is a detailed review.

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