Thursday, January 8, 2015

A home for Teasel by Margi McAllister

I am not a horse person and as a young child I did not read 'horse stories' unlike many in my peer group. I preferred stories about dogs.  Perhaps this means I don't arrive at A Home for Teasel with any huge expectations. 

This truly is a book for a young horse lover.  The beginning half is a little slow and the ending while satisfying is utterly predictable but I am sure girls especially will adore Teasel and admire the common sense and horse sense of her new friend Gwen. 

Gwen wants a pony.  Her family seem uninterested and firmly say no.  Gwen will not be defeated.  She takes on part time jobs in the hope she can save enough money to buy a horse of her own.  As the story opens she is about to start a new job shopping and doing small chores for an elderly local lady called Mrs Tilney (Arabella).  On her first visit, after buying a bag of organic carrots, Gwen discovers the beautiful Teasel is living in a paddock behind the house. Teasel is the horse and of course the carrots are for her.

"In the beam of torchlight stood a golden pony. With her pale coat and a fringe of mane above her dark eyes, she shone in the halo of light like a little horse in one of Gwen's long ago fairy stories. She was too wonderful to be true ... Gwen watched the large eyes in the elegant face .. she had never seen anything so lovely."

One aspect of this writing that I did enjoy was the inclusion of Teasel's own thoughts and insights into her human companions.   Teasel has been treated very roughly in the past and so needs the gentle care of Mrs Tilney and Gwen so she can regain her trust in humans.  Here is a review that explains a little more of the plot.

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