Tuesday, April 14, 2015

CBCA short listed books for 2015

Today is always so special as we wait to hear the big announcement after nearly a year of reading by our seven national judges.  To be eligible for this award a book has to be Australian and published in the previous calendar year - in this case 2014.

Here is a link to the full short list of thirty titles.  It is also terrific to be able to report that we have nearly all of these books (not the Older Readers Category) in our school library.  You might also like to look at the Notables list.

I thought it might be useful to look at a few of the titles tonight and also list other books by the same illustrator or author or mention a theme.

Early Childhood Picture book

Scary Night by Lesley Gibbes illustrated by Steven Michael King
Our school recently hosted a visit by Lesley Gibbes where she talked about her book Scary Night. You might like to dip into my review.  Lelsey is a local author from my part of Sydney so her selection is even more exciting.  Steven Michael King has a wealth of picture books.  Favourites include : Leaf, The Man who loved boxes and Where does Thursday go.

Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey
This one is sure to be popular with our students and I am happy there are so many other terrific books by Aaron Blabey which we will explore over the coming weeks.
Favourites include : Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley, Sunday Chutney, Stanley Paste and the new book Thelma the unicorn.

A house of her own by Jenny Hughes illustrated by Jonathan Bentley
I plan to compare this with A house for Wombats which is a favourite book of mine and also Sharon Keep your Hair on.  We have a small collection of books about architecture and also a terrific book about building a cubby house A Kids guide to Cubby houses.  I have also discovered this book has a different title and cover in Canada.  Here is a Q&A with the illustrator.

Go to sleep Jessie by Libby Gleeson illustrated by Freya Blackwood
We have quite a few books about bedtime but one favourite which links perfectly with Go to Sleep Jessie is Are you ready for Bed, Cornelius P Mud? by Barney Saltzberg and  Sleep Well, Little Bear.  This book is also about siblings and there are so many books on this theme.  My library catalogue lists 399 books with this subject!

Younger Readers

I am happy to say two of my predictions were selected:

Withering by sea by Judith Rossell

Figgy in the world by Tamsin Janu

Watch my blog for comments about the other titles in the coming weeks especially those in the Younger Readers Category and Picture Book of the Year.

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