Monday, October 19, 2015

So B. It by Sarah Weeks

One of the lucky things about working in a well resourced school library is the ability to follow and author.  After reading As simple as it seems and Pie I was very keen to read more books by Sarah Weeks and so I purchased So B. It for our library.

This book is a deeply personal and emotional story of one very special little girl and her determination to discover her true identity.  Heidi has a strange life and no memories of her past.  She is living with her severely disabled mum but has a lot of help from a neighbour Bernadette who has her own demons - she simply cannot leave her own apartment.

"We don't know exactly when my birthday is because I don't have a birth certificate, and Mama didn't know when her own birthday was, let alone mine.  So we celebrated on February twelfth because as close as she could figure, I was about a week old on February nineteenth, which is when Bernadette found Mamma and me standing in the hallway outside her door."

So B. It will be enjoyed by a sensitive reader who takes time to walk with Heidi through her moving journey.  You might like to read this review by Jen Robinson.

I recommend looking for The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson if you enjoy So B. It.  I also recommend The Honest truth as another book to read after So B. It.

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