Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How many sleeps till Christmas? by Mark Sperring illustrated by Sebastien Braun

We are celebrating Christmas in my school by giving book parcels to our youngest classes.  Each day we announce a 'winner' and send along a picture book for the class to read.

Yesterday one of our Kindergarten classes enjoyed How many sleeps till Christmas?

This book came to our library from Bloomin' Books.  Kate always has a good eye for terrific stories. Her parcels of books which arrive each term never disappoint.

Pip wakes up early.  He prods his dad.  "I think it's Christmas Day!" Daddy Grizzle explains - not yet four whole sleeps to wait.

So what will they do :
They "searched until they found the perfect tree, waiting quietly in the frost woods."
They "went for a brisk chilly walk" to deliver their Christmas cards.
"They both sat themselves down, and (without looking over their shoulders once) wrapped two 'No Peeking' presents to be opened first thing on Christmas morning."
"They made two snowmen - one big, one small"

Finally the special day arrives. As an adult you might predict this ending but a young child won't and that for me is the magic of sharing books with children.  They joy of a surprise ending.  I also love the idea of 'No Peeking' presents.

I would pair this book with Can't you sleep little bear by Martin Waddell, What do you wish for?, Worried Arthur Countdown to Christmas and  The smallest gift of Christmas by Peter Reynolds.

Now I just need to add the other book about Pip and his dad to my library shopping list.

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kinderbooks said...

Do you have How Many Sleeps til my Birthday? too?