Monday, June 19, 2017

The chocolate touch II by Patrick Skene Catling

A teacher in my school returned The Chocolate Touch this week and happily explained how much her class had enjoyed this quirky little story first published in 1952 (yes it is based on the idea of the Midas touch).  I was quite amazed to discover this first installment even has a Wikipedia page. Begin by reading this so you can catch up on the story.

I mentioned to the class teacher that there was a sequel with a funny scene involving Mickey Mouse and then I discovered our copy was long gone. Thanks to the wonder of buying second hand books from around the world I have been able to find a copy of The Chocolate Touch II (1997) and it arrived tonight.

Here is the scene that made me laugh out loud.  Mary Midas and her family are visiting Disneyland.

"What's bothering you?' Mickey kindly enquired.  Although he was an international star of motion pictures, television and comic books, he had always remained a decent, down-to-earth, practical mouse. ...   'Well,' Mary said, looking from Mickey to Minnie. ... I turned the water in the pool at the hotel .. into chocolate.  ... Mickey put his arm round Mary's back and gave her a friendly Uncle Mickey sort of hug - and a quick kiss.  It all happened suddenly.  Somehow, Mary's lips brushed against his cheek. Mickey Mouse instantly turned into a chocolate statue."

This is a minor book and long out of print but I just wanted to share this funny section with you.

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