Sunday, September 10, 2017

Robber Girl by Margaret Wild illustrated by Donna Rawlins

First off this is not a new book and yes sadly it is out of print but it will be in most school libraries. We are exploring the writing of Margaret Wild with our classes over the next couple of weeks.  The youngest groups will explore Puffling, Little Humpty and Lucy Goosey. Our senior students are reading Robber Girl, Tanglewood, The Stone Lion and The Treasure Box.

One of the very special aspects of Robber Girl is the rich vocabulary used by Margaret Wild.  We will need to explore words such as :
ate sparingly

The robber girl is hungry so she ventures down to a nearby farm.  Her animal companions warn her to be careful.  On her first visit she takes a couple of eggs and leaves a rock crystal as payment.  On the second night she takes a little corn from the bin near the pigs and leaves a leaf fossil.  On the third night the animals entreat her not to enter the house but she has a plan. "Stealthily, the robber girl opened the door and slipped into the kitchen."  She takes a slab of bread and a hunk of cheese and leaves a glowing piece of amber as payment.

The farmer's wife is now very angry but her youngest child Josiah loves the beautiful gifts.   The house is firmly locked but the robber girl is able to look in the window and late at night Josiah sees her. There seems to be a bond between them.

The final scenes are so special and would give you some great discussion points with a class for example talking about the way we can choose how to react even in very stressful situations.  This is a beautiful book to read aloud and the illustrations are so rich and evocative.

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