Monday, October 9, 2017

The Dream Dog by Enid Richemont

"The dog from his dream was sitting beside the bed, its front paws stretched out, and its sorrowful eyes fixed on Josh's face."

Josh wants a dog and his parents have promised he can have one now that they have moved into a new house but somehow they don't seem to be getting around to actually doing this.  On his first night in the new house Josh sees a dog - is this dog really a ghost.  He gradually discovers details about the dog who once lived in their new house, he sees a photo, finds an old ball hidden under a bush in the garden and learns his name was Gyp.

Meanwhile a dog is living in a high rise apartment desperately missing his lady.

"But his new basket smelt of nothing, and he longed for his old one. He tried out the smooth sofa that smelt of skin, but they shouted and slapped him. Oh, where was his lady."

"One day, she'd smelt wrong, she'd felt wrong, He'd tried to make her better, but she'd been so very tired ... "

This is another slim novel and yes it is very old but the poignant ending makes this book well worth hunting for especially if you are a dog lover or you could buy the Kindle version.

You could pair The Dream dog with The Time Tree.

There are so many books about children who long for a dog.  Look for  My dog Sunday, One dog and his boy, Little dog lost, and one of my favourite books Too Small to Fail by Morris Gleitzman.  I can't believe I have not yet talked about this on this blog.

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