Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tumtum and Nutmeg's Christmas adventure! by Emily Bearn

When I read the first title in the Tumtum and Nutmeg series I was hooked and shocked. Poor little Tumtum eats poison chocolate and is very close to death. I knew there had to be a happy ending but the journey was very hazardous.

Now I have read a new Tumtum and Nutmeg installment – the Christmas Adventure and while it does not have quite the same impact of the first book it is nevertheless a terrific little read.

Tumtum and Nutmeg live in the home of Arthur and Lucy Mildew. Their father is an absent minded inventor so it is up to Tumtum and Nutmeg (who unfortunately have no children) to care for these neglected young children. Christmas is coming and the chimney is blocked. How will Father Christmas deliver the presents and is this why none arrived last year? Tumtum and Nutmeg must save the day. Luckily toys are close by but they are guarded by the evil Baron Toymouse.

There are delicious recipes at the back of this book and the promise of another Tumtum and Nutmeg adventure. Take a minute to check out their web site - it is perfect.

If you liked books by Beatrix Potter, the stories of The Borrowers or Bramley Hedge then you will love Tumtum and Nutmeg. PS Don't wait until Christmas to sample this little tale.

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