Monday, July 5, 2010

Ever Clever Eva by Andrew Fusek Peters

Folk Tales do not figure high on my reading list not for any deliberate reason they just don’t seem to make it onto my reading pile very often. It is for this reason Ever Clever Eva was a terrific surprise. This is a traditional Czech tale which is easy to read and where goodness and good sense are rewarded and fools have important lessons to learn.

Eva is a wise girl who is able to solve riddles and more importantly understand human pride. She works for her tyrant uncle who falsely promises a cow in return for her years of labour. The matter ends in a court case where the judge sets a riddle. Eva solves the riddle and marries the judge but he makes her promise never to interfere in his judgments. We readers know Eva will never be able to keep this promise.

“You have interfered in my work and broken your promise…. You must leave this house tomorrow morning and never return….. but as a gesture of goodwill, I will allow you to take with you the one thing that is dearest to you. Now choose wisely!”

Can you guess what Eva decides to take?

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